Our Story

The Life Shop opened its doors in the Lower Haight neighborhood in September 1992. Founded by British-born Sarah Laight, Sarah owned The Shop until early 2012 when her employee of 8 years, Rika Futamura, was passed ownership of Life as she moved on to open a boutique hotel also named Life, in Ahmed, Bali. Inspired by her travels, Sarah had a deep appreciation for East Asian culture, while Rika born in Japan, added her Japanese aesthetic to The Shop. The Life Shop has evolved over time from the style of two different owners to the ever-changing scenery and energy of San Francisco.
Now, people come from all over the United States and the world for Life’s specialty custom-made fragrances. At its core, Life remains a personable and inspiring neighborhood location that supports local artists, makers, and the Lower Haight community. At 27 years, we are proud to be one of the longest running businesses in the Haight neighborhood, and strive to stay a neighborhood shop welcoming to all.